(Aus "Salvaging South Sudan’s Fragile Peace Deal Africa Report N°270" S.3)

Principal Findings

What’s new? South Sudan’s new peace deal is nearing its first critical test:
the formation of a unity government in May 2019. But steps toward key interim
benchmarks – unifying a national army and drawing internal boundaries – are
lagging far behind schedule.

Why does it matter? South Sudan’s five-year civil war has brutalised the fledgling
nation’s population, killing hundreds of thousands and uprooting millions
from their homes. The new peace deal’s collapse could spark another wave of
violence and displacement.

What should be done? The main warring parties should hammer out new
political deals on security and internal boundaries before forming a new government.
If they push back the May deadline, they should do so by consensus. They
should also urgently request a third-party force to protect opposition leaders in